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love poem three

Creamy skin landscaped over rolling hills Candles laugh out shadows tickling through the trees Candles becoming distant campfires Refocusing toward thrills I walk my fingers lightly, unfocused to her knees Feet with miles under them, floatingĀ above my lips Forgetting what … Continue reading

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Comforting the distressed and discomforting the comfortable.

So today would have been Nate’s graduation from UC (bachelor of science in addiction studies). He wanted to work specifically in crisis counseling, helping addicts in an inpatient environment. The CCAT house (Center for Chemical Addictions Treatment) is especially close … Continue reading

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Here I come

the soul is the core sometimes thrown away only to flourish instead of decay to grow from the earth, the source, and the shade the sun and straight time… a life in a day

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love poem two

Something about her lips and her eyes Trade up no more, nor compromise The beauty stands tall, the trees feed moths Those lips and eyes, you’ll forget her thighs The emotion proposed insightful lips Their form, their poise, a soundless … Continue reading

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a funny kind of yellow

My love is undying You open your eyes and I’m crying The resolution is uttering clear Help me out of the mountain ruby dear Existence is but an illusion The next plane causes no confusion The truth it never seems … Continue reading

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five o’clock at the smoke shop.

Just a note. transcription: carolyn, you are the best you are the sweetest girl I know how can I stand up to what you know there aren’t clothes to get me fancy (?) to the way I dress you are … Continue reading

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Nate defines it. Pretty right on, huh? On another note, the green grammar check line just cracks me up. So typical of Nate. No doubt, he perfected the art of the run-on sentence. In fact, the essay that he wrote … Continue reading

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