a funny kind of yellow

My love is undying
You open your eyes and I’m crying
The resolution is uttering clear
Help me out of the mountain ruby dear
Existence is but an illusion
The next plane causes no confusion
The truth it never seems distant
Love is only love when it’s consistant
Resist no evil, don’t compromise
It’s only for you that I have eyes
Open… it’s written
I’ll only talk when it’s commitment
Thunder and stone, water is moving
It’s your mind that’ll find me soothing
The ocean speaks
An open mouth my eyes roll back for weeks
She’s got soul, that’s no quick fix
I won’t play no games but I’ll pick up sticks
Pitter patter in the willow leaves
The song changes but it never leaves
I can’t hope for the autumn blossom
I’ll pay the price no matter what it’s costin’
Are you the flower for which I’ve
waited much more than an hour?

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