Comforting the distressed and discomforting the comfortable.

So today would have been Nate’s graduation from UC (bachelor of science in addiction studies). He wanted to work specifically in crisis counseling, helping addicts in an inpatient environment. The CCAT house (Center for Chemical Addictions Treatment) is especially close to his heart, so I think that’s really where he wanted to start. He planned to either go directly to grad school or get some experience first and then after a few years get his Masters in Psychology. His goal was to eventually start his own chemical dependency treatment…haven. It was his passion, really. My heart breaks not only for Nate, but for all the people still drowning who will now not get to experience having Nate impact their lives in ways they could never even imagine.

I thought I’d share these words from one of his professors who spoke them at his memorial at UC. I think she’s pretty right on.

Nathan was the kind of student that every teacher both fears and loves: studious, bright, articulate, and challenging.  He spent much of his time learning and then questioning. A voracious reader, he sought information and reveled in new knowledge. His questioning nature, his need for dialogue allowed him to expand his ideas and deepen his perception.

He was the student who would do the extra project or help test a new idea so that it could run smoothly for the entire class.  He was well-known for his emails to his instructors and friends. Emails filled with pensive exploration and unique perspective. Emails that gave us a brief glimpse into his unique way of processing information, his quick intellect, and his sincere desire to help others. And perhaps that is what we miss the most: Nathan challenged us to see things from many perspectives.

Committed to the causes of helping addicts find the promises of recovery and to the good stewardship of the earth, Nathan found joy in helping others. He was known for comforting the distressed and discomforting the comfortable.
Mary Beth Lodge
Professor of Addictions Studies
University of Cincinnati

My daily views of Nate working on homework; either reading or writing …or googling. Oh man, did he love google.

He was always 2 weeks ahead in every class. Not even kidding.

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2 Responses to Comforting the distressed and discomforting the comfortable.

  1. Hayley says:

    Love the pictures! :)

  2. Randi says:

    Thank you for sharing.

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