Another love poem

Another poem that Nate stuck under my pillow, when I was with Brook. You know, I actually used to yell at him for doing that.

I just can’t even comprehend that right now.

Fireflies in the summer christmas Meadow
Lips of promise on the horizon of love
What comes from within the evening shadow
Comes from the entity we call above
The finish doesn’t come from tomorrow
The end is hardly near
The future isn’t for us to borrow
Life energy is all but insincere
Can’t her sultry skin be mine for touching
Can’t her eyes sparkle freely
Can’t I leave her in the morning…Laughing
Can’t I return to her hard edge…easy
Won’t I hold her in my heart once again
As her demeanor purveys my every existance
Her staminatic persistance is a forcing friend
And her electricity shows my negating resistance
So I’d settle for her touch uniterrupted
Her body lying near my very hungry heart
As numbers are useless and disruptive
It’s every very night I’d like to call a fresh start.
Come with me.
Come in me.

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