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Who Be Dat? A few more songs you should listen to.

But first, I love this shot of Nate. It’s just, exactly him. And that face… that’s how he always looked when he was reading. Thanks for the photo, Frankie.   Damn. Why is Nate so hot? I like this next … Continue reading

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Who Be Dat? A few songs.

Felt inspired to post a few Who Be Dat? tunes today. Reading Nate’s poetry over the years, I hear a lot of them in his songs. Anyway, Nate on lead vocals and conga. Love this write up on the band. … Continue reading

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Three years.

Yeah. So it’s been three years, today. And I┬ádon’t even really know what that means anymore. In fact, I call bullshit on the whole time theory we all seem content enough to agree on. Because the way I see (feel) … Continue reading

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