Who Be Dat? A few more songs you should listen to.

But first, I love this shot of Nate. It’s just, exactly him. And that face… that’s how he always looked when he was reading. Thanks for the photo, Frankie.

Nate Solod


Damn. Why is Nate so hot?

I like this next one, mostly because Nate talked a lot about his grandpa. He always kept a framed photo of him on the dresser. And I know that photo has been on a hell of a journey, just keeping up with Nate. Anyway, I remember listening to this song for a while and then asking Nate what it was about (like, specifically), and he answered “his hands”.

…Fuckin Nate.

Knowing Nate the way I do, this one’s hard to listen to. But otherwise, it’s a great song.

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