First Kiss… yet again.

It’s crazy how fucking fast time flies, huh. Last night some dude I was conversing with at MOTR brought up the Cincy riots and I immediately remembered that today is the day, 12 years ago, that Nate and I first kissed. I experience this memory every year, and it’s always something random that triggers the thought right before the day actually comes up. One of the reasons I remember is because it was the Friday during the riots and we had a crazy curfew party that night at Moerlein (well, actually every night) that ended up changing my life forever. And naturally it takes some fucking riots for me to remember something like a first kiss, ha. No, but really, I couldn’t even begin to put a time frame or even a visual memory together of any other first kiss I’ve ever had. Of course Nate being Nate had a lot (no, probably everything) to do with that. Nate made every moment unforgettable.

Here’s poem he wrote me about a year-ish after that.


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